I am a Graphic Designer based in San Francisco. I come from a little country in the heart of Europe, called Slovakia. I love working on branding and identity projects as well as packaging, typography, mobile apps and websites.

Drawing was always passion of mine, which lead me into the world of art. I attended graphic design schools in Bratislava (Slovakia), Prague and London (UCL). Thanks to another hobby of mine; tennis, I got the chance to play on Academy of Art University tennis team and move to San Francisco. Previously I have worked for one of the largest advertising companies in Slovakia; Istropolitana Ogilvy (Citroën, Heineken, IBM, OMV (SK, CZ), Peugeot, Philips). After coming to Bay Area, I got my first experience working for a branding agency SALT and digital agency, SocioFabrica. 

I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone and exploring my limits. I like designing with purpose and create systems that not only look good but also offer a solution. 

You can contact me at gajdosikovanina@gmail.com